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Within this section, I have a GREAT assortment of pictures & snapshots of my Nova from as far back as '75/'76.

I've been taking a TON of pictures of my Nova since 95 and even more since switching over to digital in 2002. Over the years I have pretty much covered every angle possible. :)

There is also a section of Video footage of my Nova. I've collected, compiled & converted some old video footage of my Nova and added it to the site. I have everything from honking the horns, to drag racin' at Gimli.


If you have seen my car in real life, you'll notice how bad the paint is on it, but it's amazing just how nice the car looks in the pictures or from a distance or at the right angle!

I am currently updating all of the 'Photo Gallery' Year page formats. Please bear with me as I am doing them by sections at a time.

There is A LOT of updating to do. Within all the sections here, I have been making changes to the layout, page formats and coding.

I hope you all will continue to enjoy this website, as much as I do ... :)

Picture/Video Archives

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