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A picture of the manufacturers stickers from the drivers' door.

Back in '96, I was working at a Gas Station as a Petrolium Transfer Engineer (Gas Jockey) and I had a few regulars who always came by to visit and chat abit.

I came across the first comic on my own back in 1995, and in '96, this one gentlemen Mr. Taplin ... dropped off a comic relating to my car when I was working one day.

Took my fair share of teasing over the car ... LOL.

I've come across and picked up a few of the Chevy bowtie grill emblems from some 74 Novas in the junkyards.

I got an idea from how Eric 'SuperNova' Harvey painted his grill red to match his car. I figured I'd try something different and painted the inner part of the bowtie a light green, same color as my car. I think it turned out rather well, and even did up a set of 350 symbols in Late Fall 2000.

Here's is my Smiley Face AirCleaner Lid Clock. I met this after a friend made a comment saying it was surprised I didn't have a smiley face on my air cleaner lid.

So guess what I did ?? seeing how I'm known for having Smiley Faces everywhere.... kind of a trademark one might say.

Picked up another air cleaner lid at the wreckers and painted it up. I used the 'Smiley Face' lid for most of the summer of '96, then later replacing it with a chrome air cleaner setup.

Now it sits in the garage, added a clock piece in it and VOILA ... My 'Smiley Face' Clock!

The year 2001 rolls around and the collection of Calendars for the New Year begins. I got a DR. HOOK Calendar from the Receptionist at work which was pinned it up in my cubical.

I was known at work of being a car guy and abit Nova-Crazy. Someone having quite the sense of humour posted up a picture of my NOVA behind this tow-truck calendar.

Boy, did I have a good laugh, as did ALOT of people who've come by my cubical. HA - HA !! :) You guys got me, and here's the picture ....
Still to this day, I don't know who did it, but I have an idea on who ... my poor car .. :~(

Normally I'm not one for putting stickers on my car, however my friend Kris H. had some stickers printed out and was offering them to the cars that cruise in our little group. The statement of the sticker is SO TRUE!!, FAST CARS ARE BUILT, NOT BOUGHT!.

Proudly sporting this sticker till Summer 2019 ... which has since been removed.

My friend Jen bought a side window sticker for me when I was up visiting her in The Pas, MB. I've even had a few cops giggle and comment at this one. :)

I also have another one which reads: 'CAUTION: I swerve and Hit People At Random' & 'Don't Annoy The Crazy Person'. I alternated between them all for awhile.

As mentioned in the Story Area, here is the REAL reason behind installing a set of Hood Louvers ... PIZZA COASTERS!! - Wouldn't wanna ruin the paint on the hood from the heat of the pizza boxes.

In ALL the years, only had one whoop-sie. My friend Trevor had his FULL Large Cup of Hot Chocolate knocked over when a gust of wind threw up the lid on a pizza box and WHAP!, knocked the Hot Chocolate over. He was very apologetic, and he did try to clean up the mess the best he could.

I've collected a few 'Nova' Brochures & Ads Pages over the years, which I usually found at Collectable & Antique Sales in the Malls. Most of them I bought back when I was in High School and usually only paid a buck or two. (My high school was next to a shopping mall). I also have another one which isn't in this picture, as I just got it from my friend Jess for Xmas (2001).

I also came across an ad in the Buy & Sell one time and bought some dealer brochures for $25. I got the one for 72, 73, 74. I sold the 72 one to my friend Trevor and kept the 73 & 74, since I had a 73 & 74 at that time. (2000)

I started up a little collection of diecast Nova Cars.

To this day, the collection of diecast Novas is still growing ...

This mirror was created by the grandparents of an old girlfriend, and was a Christmas Present to me in 1999.

Her grandparents have a little craft company they run out of their basement, and made mirror art of all kinds to sell at various Craft Sales & Flea Markets.

This mirror is BEAUTIFUL !!, I love it... and a ONE of a kind piece of Art too.

My friend Jen, met a clockmaker at one of the local flea markets and he made of all sorts including some of cartoon characters and sells them at Craft Shows.

Jen asked him if he could make a clock of my Nova. The clock was put together in time for Christmas in 2001. What an AWESOME gift, I LOVE IT!!....

VERY NICELY DONE!!!, another ONE of a kind piece of Art too, of my baby...

Jen has done it again, this time for my 26th birthday.... she had this jacket made up for me.

With the help and permission of Ben Meissner, she had the picture of PROJECT MEAN GREEN!, stitched into a jacket for me.

This jacket is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank You Jen! & Ben! .... I'm afraid to wear this jacket when I'm out at a car show or out cruising, as it is just beautiful and I'm afraid to get it dirty or ruinning it.

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