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What can you say about 2020.

The Nova had some good days and some bad days.

Was putting alot of miles on it early Spring 2020, using it as a daily driver to go to and from work. Made a few trips out of town to visit family and friends.

A broken Valve Spring took it off the road for all of the month of June, which then the Mustang got some street time as the Omega was still in storage.

After the Heads were rebuilt and freshened up by Dan Klim, we got things all setup and nicely tuned and off to the drag strip.

Got the Nova back down into the 12.2's ... which it hasn't seen since 2013 when it ran 12.23/12.28. Figuring with some tuning, could we see an 11? Over the next few years, we went the wrong way to the point where it was running low 13s.

Ran a 12.27, 12.28 and 12.31 at 108/109 mph. Very happy to finally have the Nova nicely setup and with the Sniper EFI setup.

Sadly, I made an error and uploaded a bad tune which caused a piston to melt and come apart and that was it for the Nova for 2020.

The plan for 2021 ... a new motor :)

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Long term Future Plans for the Nova:
Body Work & Paint, (Fixing up the Rust, New Paint, Same Color - Midnight Green)
\ Fix Drivers Interior Door Panel (Plastic is cracked, want to fix before it rips the material)
\ Fix Passenger Interior Door Panel (Plastic is cracked, want to fix before it rips the material)

In the near Future Plans for the Nova:
Front-End Alignment, straighten Steering Wheel

In progress:
Wiring up switches to various componets
\ Switch to shut off power to Electric Fuel Pump
\ Switch to override ignition and power up Electric Fan
\ Switch to override power to LED/Daytime Running Lights

Complete Engine Rebuild (Melted a piston Sept Long Weekend)
BBC Heater Core Swap

'Right Stuff Detailing' Front Disc Brake Conversion - AFXSD02CS
Installed ALL new Stainless Steel Hard Brake Lines -
Replaced BOTH Rear Wheel Cylinders
Replaced BOTH Outer Tie Rods
Replaced BOTH Upper Balljoints
Replaced BOTH Lower Balljoints
Installed NEW Front Shocks, along with new mounting hardware
Changed 'Center Caps' on 15x6 Keystone Mags to the old style 'Center Caps'

'Summit' brand 100amp Alternator rebuilt
'PowerMaster' 100amp Alternator rebuilt and putaway as a spare
Removed Alternator Bracket, Installed Heim-Joint/Turn-Buckle to hold Alternator in place
Repaired Alumimun Heads after broken Valve Spring
\ New CompCams Dual Springs installed (Seats, Lids, Retainers)
Installed Edelbrock Super Victor 2925 Single Plane Intake
Install NEW TX3 sensor (Sniper EFI)
Install NEW Oil Pressure Switch (Oil idiot dashlight)
Removed QuickFuel Insulator (Resin was coming apart on shield plate)
Flushed & Replaced Coolant, added WaterWetter
Replaced Collector Gaskets
Upgrade Holley Sniper EFI Firmware
Replaced O2 Sensor
Replace both Lower Control Arm Bump Stops
Transmission Rebuild by Tom Patterson

Reinstalled DualSync Distributor and PROPERLY Sync'd to SniperEFI system
Snugged up Intake Manifold
Interior - Recovered Original Seats, Front & Back
\ Fix Frame on Original BenchSeat and Reupholster w/Black Vinyl
\ Fix Drivers Interior Door Panel (Plastic is cracked, want to fix before it rips the material)
\ Fix Passenger Interior Door Panel (Plastic is cracked, want to fix before it rips the material)
Changed trigger wire of Electric Fan from IGNITION over to SniperEFI Output 1 (Allows SniperEFI to control the Electric Fan)
Wired up SniperEFI Output 2 to TEMP light on dash (Set Output 2 to turn on TEMP light at 210F)
Reconnect Electric Fan back to IGNITION outlet on Fuse Panel
Install NEW Hooker Headers 2451HKR (Old Hedman Header, drivers side cracked at collector)
Get existing exhaust connected to NEW Headers (Duals)
Replace defective balancer with NEW Professional Products 80001 Balancer (Fixes mystery knocking noise)
Replace defective PowerMaster 8002 100A Alternator w/SummitRacing Generic 100A Alternator

Mounted 255/60/15 ET Street R Drag Radials on other 2 NEW Keystone Mags
Drilled Intake Front Coolant Passage for Sniper EFI Coolant Temperature Sensor
Morris Concept Classic Seat Belt Retro Kit for Bench Seats - 3 Point Seatbelt System
Installed NEW Set of Plugs - NGK 5671A8 (x8)
Installed NEW PowerMaster 8002 - 100amp Alternator
Installed 2 NEW 15x6 Keystone Klassics for the FRONT with NEW 205/70/15 Cooper Trendsetters
Blew out the fins in the Radiator to combat 'running hot/overheating' problem
Replaced 180F Thermostat and 16 lbs Radiator Cap.

Installed matching Sport Comp Elec. Transmission Temperature Gauge
Swapped out Generic LED Headlights for United Pacific #31379 - DOT Approved - LED Headlights
Modified Relay Station on Radiator Cradle
Installed NEW Radiator Cap - 16lbs
Install Holley Sniper EFI (Master Kit)
\ Installed Sniper EFI
\ Installed Electric Fuel Pump Kit
\ Installed Holley Dual-Sync Distributor
Replaced Cowl (Left in Black Primer)
Replaced Lokar throttle cable with stock throttle cable to use with Sniper EFI brackets
Replace Rear Brakes Shoes and Drivers Rear Wheel Cylinder
Swapped 74 front bumper with a 73 front bumper
Purchased 2x 255/60/15 ET Street R Drag Radials
Purchased 2 NEW 205/75/14s Copper Trendsetters for the Front, to run on Keystone Mags
Purchased 4 Keystone Mags 15x7s
\ 2 came with 265/50/15 - New Street Tires

Braced Gas Pedal, welded in supports to keep pedal arm from flexing
Replaced factory plastic Gas Pedal Rod Support with Aluminum Pedal Rod Support
Replaced Throttle Cable
Fixed Front Fender Extension/Hood Trim piece
Installed AEM Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Removed Headliner, Interior Panels and Rear Seats - Waiting on NEW Headliner/ABS Headboard
Discovered small rust hole under Back Windows upon removal & FIXED
Installed Flex-A-Lite #188 Electric Fan
Added Distribution/Fuse Block under hood to power relays for Elec. Fan/Horn/Headlights&LEDs
Install NEW Musical Horn Model #425 (La cucaracha), replacing old one that is pretty worn.
Install LED/9003 Conversion Headlight Kit
Rewire Headlight circuit to pull power from battery using relays instead of through fuse panel.
Used 3rd relay, to wired up LEDs as Daytime running lights, and they turn off with Headlights on.
Added Distribution/Fuse Block under dash for 'Accessories' on Fuse Panel.
Rewired Accessories using NEW Fuse Block/Power Distribution Point
Replace headboard with NEW ABS Plastic and NEW Headliner Material
Reinstalled Back Window
Removed Holley 750 DP and reinstalled Holley 650 DP
Installed factory jetting back into Holley 650 DP (63/70 2.5PV)
Installed NEW Seat Cover on Front Bench seat.
Installed O2 sensor into drivers side exhaust for AFR gauge
Had Drag Radial dismounted and mounted PROPERLY onto 15x7 Steel Rims
Installed NEW Bosch Starter (SR518N) - Warranty Replacement
Installed used High-Torque Starter after Starter Kickback destroyed Bosch Starter
Replaced/Installed NEW B&M Flexplate
Installed NEW MSD Pro Billet (Non-Locked Out) Distributor (Turned out to be defective)
Installed DUI Distributor to use while waiting for replacement MSD Pro Billet
Removed problematic Used High-Torque Starter and Installed NEW Bosch Starter (SR518N) - Warranty Replacement
Installed NEW Replacement MSD Pro Billet (Non-Locked Out) Distributor
Installed NEW Set of Plugs - NGK 5671A8 (x8)

Fashioned up some Polyurethane Motor mounts and installed.
Flushed out old grease from U-Joints and filled up with fresh grease
Changed Fender Engine Emblems from 250 to 307
Rewired Electric Fan
Replaced Fuel line clamp at metal line to rubber line at Fuel Pump
Wrapped Passenger side header by floorboard with Header wrap
Replaced Passenger side header gaskets
Remove broken Mech. Temperature Gauge
Installed new AutoMeter 3904 Monster Tach, Elec. Transmission Temperature and Vacuum Gauges
Rewire all Gauges, Gauge Lights
Installed New Alternator (lifetime warranty)
Installed Mallory HyFire 6A Ignition System
Rejetted 750 Carb - 70/78 2.5 PV
Installed New Heater Hoses (Supply & Return)
Removed Electric Fan Setup and reinstalled Good ol' mechanical fan and Fan Shroud
Installed New Battery
Installed New 2 Core Aluminum Rad (2x 1 in. cores)
Installed AutoMeter Fuel Pressure Gauge
Installed NEW Orange Chevrolet Tall Valve covers
Installed Dual Oil Catch Can setup
Swapped out MSD StreetFire Distributor and replaced with MSD Pro Billet (Locked Out)
Disconnected Mallory HyFire 6A
Installed new set of Plugs
Replaced 2.5 PV in Carb

Fixed problem with Alum. Heads (Dan Klim)
\ Replaced all Valve Guides with CompCams Valve Guides
\ Replaced and installed NEW set of CompCams Pushrods
\ Replaced damaged valves by worn guides
\ Replaced and installed NEW CompCams Ultra Gold Roller Rockers
\ Fixed plug issues on heads
Fixed Plug issues on AirGap intake (Dan Klim)
Installed another rebuilt TH350, (cracked bellhousing on old one, #4)
Rebuilt TCI Streetfighter Torque Converter
Installed Medium sized Mr. Transmission Trans' Cooler
Replaced 1 inch Alum. Carb spacer with 1 inch Plastic spacer
Re-jetted Holley 650 carb. 71/80
Changed springs to 'medium' strength in Distributor
Repainted Alternator bracket, hood latch and support
Changed Plugs (NGK R5671A-8)
Replaced Bosch Alternator
Installed New Dayco Fan Belt
Replaced sticking 180 Thermostat
Installed Electric Fan setup
Installed Holley 4150 series 750 Double Pumper (73/80 jets 3.5 PV)
Replaced 1 inch Plastic. Carb spacer with original 1 inch Aluminium spacer
Replaced failing Carter HV Fuel Pump #4891
Changed Plugs to hotter plug (NGK R5671A-7)
Topped Radiator fluid to a 65/35 strength (approx -50c)
Rebuilt Transmission (Cracked bellhousing again)
\ Installed UltraBell Bellhousing, NEW TCI Streetfighter torque converter
Fixed transmission coolant lines at trans end
Changed Transmission mount from stock rubber to Polyurethane mount
Had driveshaft & spare driveshaft spun & checked for balance, (both OK!)

Fabricate and Install CLEAR Signal/Park Lamps in grill
Installed NEW Magnaflow Mufflers
Readjust 'Kugel' Shifter Arm connection on transmission
Changed Power Valve in Holley 650 carb from 6.5 to 2.5

Installed NEW Manual Steering Gear Box
Installed NEW Pitman Arm onto new Steering Box
Installed NEW Idler Arm
Installed Front Metal Brake Lines with Stainless Steel Ones
Installed Front Wheel Cylinders
Installed Front Rubber Brake Hoses
Installed New Rubber Motor Mounts
Installed New Transmission Crossmember Mount
Installed 406K, replacing the old 406E (400 SBC)
Replaced Heater Core
Installed different 'Arooga' Horn
Replaced 160F with a 180F thermostat
Fixed/Replaced all ProComp ScrewIn Rocker Studs with longer ARP ScrewIn Rocker Studs (Dan Klim)
- Removed heads to fix up 3 Valves
Replaced broken Push Rods in #8 I/E
Install Auto Meter Electrical Low Temperature Gauge
- Rewired other gauges and moved gauges around to fit.
Rewired Tachometer from Distributor
Fixed slop in Shifter (Thanks to Derek Fontaine! for his help)
Installed Correct Speedo gears for 3.42 ratio
Cleaned and reseated Oil Sensor and Gauge connections
Fixed/Installed NEW Kugel Transmission Shift Arm Connection Kit from shiftworks.com

Installed Holley 650 Double Pumper w/1 in. Spacer
Removed Holley Fuel Regulator
Installed MSD Streetfire Distributor
Installed Fancy Throttle Cable bracket
Installed and fitted Custom Cable for Throttle
Attempted to further modify Hood Springs to align Cowl Hood
Replaced Air Filter

Replaced ALL Brake Shoe Linings (Got new Front & Back shoes)
Repaint Drums back to Black
Swapped Hood Springs and further modified Hood Springs to align Cowl Hood
Rewired Accessories Circuit

Paint the 'Goodmark Steel 2" Cowl Induction Hood
Modify Hood Hinges for Cowl Hood to line up with Body Lines
Repack Front Bearings
Install Carter High Volume Fuel Pump (5.5-7 psi)
Install Holley Fuel Regulator
Install Steel-braided Fuel Lines
Transmission Service (Fluid & Filter)

Installed Heat Shielding over Fuel Line from Pump back down along the frame to under the car
Installed Electric Trunk Release/Opener
Installed Trunk Light
Installed Air Cleaner Spacer (To Raise Filter into Cowl)

Installed Goodmark Steel 2" Cowl Induction Hood
Installed Speedo Gears in Tranny to correct speedo for 3.42 Ratio
Replaced overcharging Alternator with new BOSCH Lifetime Warranty one
Replaced Battery
- NGK-UR4 plugs, MSD Cap & Rotor, Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm Custom Wire Set
- Installed Moroso Spark Wire Holders

Tune-Up - Cap/Rotor, Wires, Plugs
Installed Rebuilt TH350 Transmission (Built by Chris Derksen/Nevin)
Replaced SENTREK AM/FM/Cass Radio

Tune-Up - Cap/Rotor, Wires, Plugs, Air Filter
Head Work
- Replace broken and all pressed in studs with ARP ScrewIn Studs with Push Rod Guides
- Replace damaged valves, push rods, lifters and rockers. As well, checkout spring pressures, replace valve seals
- Reseal Intake Leak
Installed 800 cfm Q-Jet w/Vacuum Secondaries
Repaint Traction Bars (Flat Black)
Fixed Dashlights (kept blowing fuses)
Rewired Radio & Speakers to fix crackle & electrical noise in Speakers
Replaced (cracked) Upper Rad Hose
- Sand Down and Repaint Driver's Door
- Sand Down and Repaint and reseal Rear Tailight Panel & Replace Rear Taillight Lenses
- Repaint Front Grill and detail as 'SS' Grill
Fixed Sagging Spots in Headliner
Transmission Service - Fluid & Filter Change

Purchased new tires for the front on Steel Rims
Installed Mallory Hyfire VI-A Ignition System
Setup and Tune, new QJet Carb for 400
Repainted/Detailed the Black on Keystone Mags, in Semi-Gloss Black
Repainted/Detailed the Black on Keystone Mags again, in FLAT Black (as Semi-Gloss didn't give as nice a look)
Repainted Steel Rims

Engine Swap - Set in 'built' 406 SBC
Installed 4-Core Highflow Rad
Installed MSD Ignition 6A Series
Removed MSD Ignition, burnt out the unit.
Reinstall GM Module and Accel SuperCoil
Installed Competition Engineering Subframe Connectors
Sandblast, Wire-Wheel Brush, and Repaint Steel Rims
Purchased new BFG Radial tires for Steel Rims for the Rear
Replacement of Leaky Pinion Seal (by PRECISION TRANSMISSION LTD.)
Installed 3" Exhaust system (DUALS Exhaust - Glenn Scott)

Spring TuneUp (New Plugs, Cap & Rotor, Accel 8.0 Wires)
Installed new Set of Lifters & Push-Rods
Installed Pusher Fan (Out of a Mazda 626)
Installed 2" Vacuum Gauge
Wet Sand ALL Areas and Polish the HELL out of ALL Areas, (Removing spray bomb paint)
Detail Dashboard Bezel

Clean and Repaint Underside of Hood
Paint Hood Hinges
Rebuilt Rear Axle, Posi Unit, and New 3.42 Gears (from 2.73)
Spray Bomb various areas of the car
- Spray Bombed Passenger Door, Part of Roof & lower Quarters
Repaint Grill, SS Style
New BFG Radial T/As for Rear to replace old 265/60/15's
Replaced Lakewood Traction Bars with new Custom Made Spring-Plates
Replaced Cracked Windsheild
Replaced Rear Shocks
Rear Brakes
Adjusted Slack in Steering Box
Design and Custom Build Traction Bars
Installed Crane 1.6 Steel Stamped Rocker Arms

Spring TuneUp
- Install Edlebrock #1406 Carb & #2101 Intake
- Install Crane Cam Energizer 272H10
- Install Rebuilt Tranny w/1800 Stall & Stage 2 Shift Kit
-- Kept Original Stock Tranny in Storage)
- Install HEI Distributor Unit
- Hedmen Headers (#68270), 1"5/8
- ReArc Rear Spring, 1.5" Lift, (Few springs replaced)
- Front End Alignment
- Upper Control Bushings Replaced
Replaced Front Brakes
Detailing Work under the hood
- Repainted Engine (Chevy Orange)
- Repainted Engine Conpartment
Installed La-Coo-Ka-Ra-Cha Musical Horn :)
Fixed rust and spraybomb around L/R Marker Light
Spray Bombed both Doors & Rear Quarters
Sand Down Rust Spots and Spray Bomb near back Windows
Added AutoMeter Mechnical Oil Pressure and Water Temperature Gauges

Repainted (Spray Bomb'd) Rear taillight panel
Replaced Stock Smog manifolds with manifolds from 74 Nova Parts Car
Replaced Bushings&Pins in hinges on Passenger Door
Repainted/Detail the Black area on my Keystone Mags
Repaint Front Grill, added chrome to signal lights from old Custom Grill
Adding Chrome Hood Louvers onto hood

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