350 Top End Engine Rebuild Upgrades

Well, thou out the winter season of 1999-2000, and while conversating with members of the Nova Listserv, I am finally gonna attempt at fixing up my Nova abit. I will be doing different areas of the car all in their own phases. All-in-due-time ...

In March of 2000, I went a minor rebuild, rebuilting the top-end, the reason for not touching the bottom end, we did a compression and all cylinders came out with 165 except cylinder 1 which was 170.

This project was originally just gonna be to add a 4bbl carb, and HEI, but addressing the cost of having the carb rebuilt versus a new carb was very little, so I went with a new carb. Figured why not a new intake as well, heddars?, sure, and the list grew from there and that's how this all came to be.

I was gonna go with Edelbrock as they have thoses "PERFORMANCE POWER PACKAGES". I went with the #1406 600 cfm Carb with Electric Choke, #2101 Intake, but decided to go with a better cam then the one listed within the Edelbrock Kit. I went with the Crane Energizer 272H10 Cam. Also, had my heads rebuilt, new springs, valve guides, seals, 3-angle valve grind. Add Hedmen Headers, HEI, Rebuilt TH350 Tranny with 1800+ Stall and Stage 2 Shift Kit.

I went with the above setup as some/alot of the members of the Nova ListServ where running the same setup and praised how well their cars were running and were pleased with them.

As timing couldn't of been better, I found out my stock tranny was toast. Having to rev it up to 3000-3500 and barely be able to crawl in reverse is a BAD BAD sign, err... so I'm told :). Good thing I picked up this rebuilt tranny from my buddy Glenn.

I was kinda Trigger-Happy with the camera thruout this project and have posted the pictures on 3 pages, tho I am missing some key-times because I ran out of film ...

I originally started logging everything I did every day during the Top End Upgrades, but after about a week into Project Mean Green, I was getting home too late at night and I started to skip out on my logging. So inplace of the logs, I have a mini-gallery and 'storyline' of the events of Project MeanGreen!)

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