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3 Point Seatbelt Install for Benchseat

Late 2017, the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act made some changes to Section 186, sub-section 3 & 4 dealing with 'Seatbelts', in particular sub-section 3 and 4 which deal with cars having the 2 piece seatbelt setup. 2 piece seatbelt setup meaning the pelvic belt, as well as the shoulder belt.

Before the change was made, we were able to get away with just using the lap belts only. Now you must use the 'COMPLETE' seatbelt system and I'm not a fan of the non-retracting shoulder belt.

A friend of mine Pat has a 71 Nova and last fall at a car show, I noticed something different with his seatbelt setup. Pat had installed a 3-Point Seatbelt Kit from Morris Classic Concept which is a seatbelt, with a retractable shoulder belt. THIS IS WHAT I NEED!!

With a 10% off coupon for Summit Racing, I ordered up some new belts for the Nova. I ordered the '1968-73 Novas, with GM Push Buttons: MCSBGM-5-BK-BS'. Kit costed about $420 plus duty/tax/shipping.

Here's some pictures on this VERY EASY 3 Point Seatbelt Install, and even include a quick installation video too! (May contain some choice-words)

As promised, a quick video of the '3 Point Seatbelt' install.

*Did my best to censor the swearing.
(After all you obviously know how working on a car can go sometimes ... :) )

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