Clear Front Signal/Park Lenses
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The pictures used HERE are pictures I took while attempting to construct clear signal/park lamps for the 73/74 grill based off the research and video of Steve F. (Reborn 74 Nova)

74 Chevy Nova Update 113 - Clear Marker Lens Modification

( This video is WORTH a viewing, before attempting this project! )

For this project, I bought a used set of clear lens for a 1970 Nova (1970 was the ONLY year that Novas came with clear signal/park lamps). The lenses weren't perfect, but where good enough to use in constructing a protoype. I also used a SPARE set of Amber Signal/Park Lamp lens assemblys, to see if I could pull this off.

Well ... I DID!! :) and now NEW lenses have been ordered. Once the new lenses are fitted, I will SEAL them to the backings.

Enjoy the following pictures, but PLEASE! - WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Needed for this project:

- 2 Front Signal/Park Lamp Lens from a 73/74 Nova
- 2 Front Clear Signal/Park Lamp Lens from a 70 Nova
- DuPont Chrome Acrylic Paint
- Plastic Epoxy
- Band-Aids (if you have the kind of luck I do)
- Knife/Cutting Utensil
- Dremel with Cutting Disc(s)
- Bench Grinder
- File
- 120/220 Grit Sandpaper

A picture of the front of my 73 Nova, with it's original 'Amber' Signal/Park Lamp Lenses.

Here we go, got 2 73 Signal Lenses as well as 2 70 Clear Signal Lenses from a 70 Nova.

As you can see in the picture, the amber lens have a bit of a roundness to them, where the clear lens are square. We will need to trim the out edges of the clear lens to get them to fit into the grill.

Time to pull out the dremel as now we need to begin to alter/shape the clear 70 lens.

Using a cutting disc, we cut off the 'wings' off the 70 lens. I left abit of an edge around the lens.

*NOTE: The backing of the Clear 70 lens is angled ... you may want to level it out so the backing is straight or flush with the pod/backing. I didn't bother with mine, I didn't think the angle was much of an issue.

Here we have the 73/74 Signal Lens. We need to split the amber lens piece from the pod. Using an x-acto knife to carefully break the glue.

Start at the corners and work as far inward as you can ... CAREFULLY, to avoid cutting into or cracking the backing!

After breaking my blade on the knife, I continued with the blade piece until I sliced into a finger. Out came the hammer!

Carefully lining up the blade to the seem of the lens and pod, I was able to split the amber lens from the backing by softly tapping the top of the blade.

The amber lens has been seperated.

On my first attempt on splitting the amber lens from the pod using a knife, I ended up cut into the backing of the pod, resulting in a couple of small chunks and cracks.

I had some epoxy kicking around, so I mixed up a small amount and placed it around the outside edge of the backing to fill in the gouches and cracks.

In Steve's video, he shows you how he made a template and used that to shape his clear lens. I came up with a slightly different way to shape the lens. I tie-wrapped the old amber lens to the clear lens.

Splitting the second lens was much easier. Using less force on the blade and gently rockin' the blade from the corners to along the seems of the lens & pod. It worked ALOT better and results in WAY less cracks & chunks missing, altho I still used the hammer to tap on the top of the blade.

There was no need to use epoxy to smoothen out the outer edge of the backing.

With the 2 lenses TIGHTLY tied together, I venture over to the bench grinder to shape the clear lens.

In Steve's video, he using his dremel for this task. I didn't have the right bits so the grinder was the best thing I had.

With the clear lens grinded down in the corners, let's take it over to the 73/74 grill and test fit.

I LIKE IT !! :)

Used some sandpaper (120/220 Grit) to cleaning up the back pods of the old 73/74 signal lamps.

Got the lens trimmed, the old amber signal pods split. The backings are cleaned up and now ready for paint.

Steve used a chrome/silver paint to paint the backings to give a reflective like look to his lenses, so you don't see the white of the backings through the clear lenses.

Used glass cleaner to clean and prepare the backings for paint!

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