Custom Built Traction Bars

As mentioned in the Story Area, I had to remove my LakeWood Traction Bars as the end of the bar hung lower then my rim by about 1/4 of an inch, which violates the Automobile Safety Act.

Thanks to Bruce Johnson of 2QuickNovas who emailed me his blueprint pattern he had for making Spring Plates. I had some plates fabricated according to Bruce's plans and after removing the Lakewood bars, I installed the new Shock Plates which worked and fit perfectly.

I noticed a huge difference right away once the bars were taken off. My rear suspension felt sloppy, I could feel alot of wheel hop happening when I would launch the car, it would seem I actually do need something, I do need a set of Traction Bars.

I was now on a quest to make a set of Traction Bars that would be legal to have on my car. Decided on another type of traction bar which would NOT require you to replace the spring plate, and to also have the bar reach up to the spring eye. I needed to make something that would bolt up before and after the 'Spring Plate'.

Well being the cheap guy that I am, I decided I was gonna make my own set, how hard could it be right ?!?.

The following includes some pictures I took, 'Before & After'. Unfortunately I didn't take any picture the night of constructing up the traction bars, as I had forgot my camera at home and out at a friends shop.

I got all the measurements needed, the length of the bar and where I needed to place the front and back plates that would eventually bolt up to the spring. With the right tools, it didn't take long at all. My buddy Glenn arc'em all them together, I painted them up and installed them on the Nova.

Using an old set of generic Traction Bars, I took a grinder and cut up/off all the welds to break apart one of the traction bars. Incase I may make a mistake, I have a second one I could cut up too.

As per the picture, the top one is the original un-modified and the bottom one is the modified version. In the modified version, you can see as I cut down the sideplates to bring up the bar. I wanted and needed to bring that bar up as high up as possible, so it would be higher then the bottom of the rim of the wheel as per safety requirements.

Here you can see how I marked a few of the cuts on the plate, removing 1/4" to 1/2" at a time then going back under the car to fit'em till I felt they were be just right!

Click on Picture for Full Screen Readable VersionAfter getting all of the measurements, I drew up a plan and bought ALL NEW metal to construct up a set. Had some new custom U-Bolts made for the bars to bolt them up onto the springs.

Clicking on the 'Plans' to the left will bring up a LARGER and readable version which you can use as a starting point to construct your own set.

Please keep in mind - THESE WERE DESIGNED, BUILT & FITTED TO MY NOVA. Some adjustments may be needed to suit them to your vehicle.

Remember: Measure twice, CUT ONCE !!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of constructing them or fitting them out as I had left my camera at home and I was out of town in a neighboring town where Glenn lives, and I had no money left on me to go grab a disposable camera either..... which really bites.

Here's a picture of the finished 'Traction Bars' and installed on the Nova. As explain before, they bolt onto the spring, before and after the axle/spring plate. I have no complaints, they seem to be working better then the Spring Plated Lakewoods. Having them going to the Spring Eye makes all the difference and keeps them from bending the springs.

The 'traction bar' was designed and meant to be a little longer then the Lakewood Bars. To be fully effective, I extended the bar all the way to the Spring Eye as I've been told this is where they should hit.

I did think of making a bracket of some sort and bolting them up at the Spring eye but I decided against it for now... I can always modify them lateron...

Later on in the evening after I drove with them on for abit, I noticed a big difference in the ride of the car. REALLY stiffened up the rear ALOT better then the Lakewood bars.

Once again, I would like to thank my good friend Glenn Evans for his help and welding skills !! and for the time he allowed me to monopolize his shop/garage space to work on my Nova.

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